5 Tips for Hot Summer Hair Color

1. Two of the hottest trends this summer are Balayage and Ecaille (French for tortoise shell). Balayage is art of hand painting light pieces into the hair creating natural, multi-dimensional color.  When done properly, the end result is a perfectly sun-kissed effect. If you are looking to get a head start on the newest summer hair trend, ask your stylist for ecaille.  French for tortoise shell, american for bombshell hair.  Beautiful, rich, dark tones strategically placed to create a soft and sexy blur of golds and ambers.

2. Beautiful hair color starts with healthy hair. Weekly deep conditioning masques, protein treatments, strength and shine glazes and more all help repair and strengthen fragile tresses. Try a weekly protein mask like Redken’s Extreme Strength Builder Plus to maintain color. Method Salon offers a Summer Strength and Shine package for $99 that includes three separate salon visits designed to increase shine, color retention and tensile strength.  The results are immediate and long lasting.  A must for every sun-worshipping goddess.

3. Whether at the pool or on the beach, chlorine, salt, and sun can strip the color from your hair. Using an oil, like Redken’s Diamond Oil, can act as a barrier by protecting your hair from the damaging effects of salt and chlorine.  Including a product that includes sunscreen for your hair, such as Redken’s One United (with 25 different benefits) is a must for keeping hair color rich and salon-fresh.

4. DIY no-no’s. Blogs are full of do-it-yourself home remedies for hair care,however, without a good understanding of hair structure and chemistry it’s quite easy to cause more harm than good. At-home color is almost always a mistake.  A true colorists, such as the Color Specialists at Method Salon in Carmel, take the time and use the knowledge needed to customize a color formula specific to your individual hair chemistry, strength and needs.  A box can never do that.

5. Minimizing damage, while optimizing results, is what every professional colorist desires. When it comes to products, do your self a favor and protect your color investment. Again, a true professional colorist will prescribe a customized product plan for your individualized hair.  Quality products are well worth the investment.


Visit one of our Color Specialists and let us see what summer-inspired cut and color we can create for you.  Method Salon is located at 1200 West Carmel Drive.  We offer complimentary color consultations and hair analysis.  In addition, we offer several complimentary “classes” that you can attend to learn how to properly blow dry and style your own hair in to the latest summer trends.


Call 317.660.1717 to schedule your appointment.  Mention Active Life when scheduling and receive $15 of your first color service or $15 off a product purchase of $99 or more.


Article by Julie Lahr, Color Correction Specialist at Method Salon and International Redken Educator, NYC

Amy Conville, Owner and Stylist, Method Salon